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UGC Agreement

Thanks for checking our UGC (User Generated Content) Agreement. The word ‘content’ mentioned herein covers photographs, images, videos, texts and other contents. By submitting us your content or agreeing us to share your content, you agree that you have read, understand and accepted the terms and condition laid down below. And you provide a non-exclusive and non-revocable commercial right over it and guarantees there are no other entities with ownership of the same. You warrant and represent that you are 18+ years old.

We love your content and know that it will be a great experience for others if allowing us to use your content. You can provide permission to Xpressionsstyle to use your content simply by commenting #agree_xpr in any of our social media posts or by directly sending us your content at

By permitting, you grand Xpressionsstyle a complete right to reproduce the content in all social medias, for online or printed ads and promotions.

You agree that the content can be used by Xpressionsstyle, or third parties under Xpressionsstyle alone with conjunction, sketches, cartoons, captions, textural matters or any art work. Your permission for us to use your content is not contingent upon any commercial credit. Anyway, you waive any right to inspect or approve the finished work. You also waive any claims to royalties with regards to your content or the finished work.

The permission provided over the content will remain full force and effect, even if any changes occured in related agreements or laws.

If you don’t agree to this agreement, we completly understand and respect your decision and no further actions are required. Expect to see you back in near future.

Thanks again and please email to for further details.