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Adidas Vitality Shower Gel For Women 250ml Zoom

Adidas Vitality Shower Gel For Women 250ml

Adidas Vitality Shower Gel For Women 250ml

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Sku: 1234563315601C
Brand: Adidas
100% Authentic.
Product Description


    Women often believe in their intuition that tells them what their body needs and the best way to get your body in balance - it can be a booster, a quiet yoga session or a relaxation. The new range of adidas shower gels will give women energy and enhance their mood. This product line is designed to feel good not only the body but also the mind.Each of the six variants has its unique scent and contains care ingredients to care for your skin. Vitality offers instant encouragement and Fresh will surprise you with its freshness. With Happy you will be able to live your life to the fullest. Relax relax your mind while Smooth smoothes your skin. Protect delivers the necessary moisturizer for extra dry skin. The composition of the shower gel contains an innovative moisturizing texture that cleans and cares the skin at the same time.The packaging has a stylish and modern design evoking female curves. Each shower gel has its typical color and a different silhouette of the female figure depicted on the package, each variant expressing a certain mood.
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Fragrance TypeShower gel
    Olfactory FamilyFloral
    Size250 ML
    Special OffersNo
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